We don’t base our decision on your credit score but what your credit report shows. We look at the status of past and open accounts.  We also take into consideration other factors such as the time at the job, income and debt. 

As long as the case has been discharged, we look at how you have handled accounts after the bankruptcy and if you have had no new accounts after the bankruptcy you will need a cosigner to help you established your credit again.

We report to Experian once every month.

Yes, we do accept proof of income from SSI or retirement but the loan will still be based on your credit history and your debt to income ratio.

Interest rates vary. Central loans will not focus strictly on credit score but we do take it into consideration. Rates vary and are based on credit worthiness. Repeat customers do have established credit with Central Loan Company.

No, a payday loan is a type of short-term loan where a lender will extend high-interest credit based on a borrower’s income. Payday loans can have APR’s as high as 400%.

We specialize in installment loans but we can use a vehicle title to secure your loan with us.

There is no penalty to paying off early or extra. If anything this will reduce the overall amount of interest paid when your loan is paid off.

We take into consideration time at the job, debt to income ratio, credit history and value of the collateral if any.